Various crises are being faced Kurdish affair generally and Kurdistan Region-Iraq in particular- this created an environment of unsuitability for the life of Kurdish society. For the said purpose; Technical College of Administration /Sulaimani Polytechnic University/ Media Technical Department is going to hold a scientific conference to demonstrate the positive and negative trends of the media and the National Affair.

The research presented to the Conference will be published in the " Journal of Arts, Literature, Humanities and Sociology" after the approval of the Scientific Committee by the Conference.

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The themes of the Conference

a) Kurdish media and National Affair.

b) Media and Public Point of View.

c) Kurds and National Media.

d) New Media and the Crises.

The Objectives of the Conference

a) The role of the Media in covering the National Affair.

b) The role of the Kurdish Media in Forming Public Opinion on the National Affair.

c) The relationship between the Kurds and the National Media.

d) The influence of New Media on individuals and groups in Kurdish Community.

How to Participate

a) Teachers/ Researchers of Kurds and Foreigners are meant to participate in this conference.

b) Research will be received in (Kurdish - Arabic - English) languages.

c) The announcement of the conference is on 10/1/2019, the research is due on (1/3/2019), and the completed research is due on (15/4/2019). The convening of the conference is on (21-22/4/2019).

d) Kurdish Teachers/ Researchers, are able to participate in the conference with scientific research and shall pay at ($100) US, and at (US $ 25) without research.

e) Foreign teachers or researchers are able to participate in the conference with scientific research and shall pay at ($ 250) US, without research at (US $ 100).

f) Teachers/ Researchers of the Sulaimani Polytechnic University are meant to participate in the conference for free.

g) The conference budget is organized and arranged for the conference hall, eating, accommodation, and printing researches.

h) The submitted research, shall not be presented before any conference, and shall not be published/ submitted in the future at a scientific conference.

i) The format of the research shall be as follows: (a) not exceed (25) pages,Kurdish research using font style of (Ali k Sahifa) font size (16) for content and size (12) for margins, The research is presented in Arabic shall use font style of(Ali A Sahifa), font size of (16) for the content and size (12) for margins, the research is presented in English shall be in font style of (Times New Roman), font size (16) for content and (12) for margins.

j) The method of writing media research is as follows: Title - Researcher name - Abstract of research in written language - Introduction - Methodology - Theoretical - Result - Conclusion - Recommendations - Proposals - References - Supplement.

Contact Us

Assistant Professor Dr. Rebar Kuran Mustafa

Head of the Conference Organizing Committee